Our volunteers make it happen!

Need some volunteer hours for school? Looking to make a positive impact on your community? Check out the list below to see if you are available to volunteer for any of our upcoming programs or events! Please use the contact form found here to let us know that you will be attending! Thank you!

Diaper Wrapping

We wrap many of the diapers we get into packs of 25 to distribute to our partners. This helps us in many ways- including inventory, minimizing storage needs for our partner organizations and consistent quality and cleanliness of the diapers we distribute. Volunteers are needed constantly to wrap diapers. If you can count to 12, you can wrap diapers!

Help Move Diapers

Our diapers do a lot of traveling! We move them from our warehouse to our distribution site in Philadelphia. No need for a gym if you’re moving diapers!

Organizing Orders and Distribution

Staging orders and distributing at our site in Philadelphia and our warehouse in Easton.

Event Planning and Fundraising

Here are some pictures from our last Pub Quiz! Do you have a flair for planning events and fund raising? We’d love your help and ideas!!